1. Goods once sold will not be returned, exchanged or refunded unless genuinely damaged, upon which they would have to be brought to the store for inspection within fourteen days.
  2. Order are deemed final upon the payment and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged if you simply change your mind.
  3. No claim will be accepted after the purchase, once goods have been accepted, they are assumed to be satisfactory therefore please check the goods and satisfy your requirements before collection.
  4. Garments are all handmade, slight differences in Colour, Design, Prints and Fabrics are no imperfections, but are the characteristics of a Hand Made Product.
  5. All crystals, pearls & embroidery material are put on by hand with special adhesive or links. These may fall out if not handled correctly. This is not a defect but a characteristic a handmade garment. If this happens after collection you are fully welcomed to get it back to us for the replacement of the crystals/embroidery material. No refund/exchange can be made under such a situation.
  6. We will aim to get, custom orders ready in time for your collection date, however we cannot be responsible for delays beyond our control. No refund can be made up to “7” days of delay from the delivery date.
  7. Goods purchased should be checked by the customer and are assumed to be correct and without flaw once taken from the store.
  8. Copy of receipt will be required at the time of collection (Digital copy will be accepted).
  9. Please call and confirm the status of your order before you come to collect your order.
  10. No other compensation can be claimed in case of any dispute due to any reason, only deposit paid will be refunded.
  11. Customers are requested to go through the measurements, detailing, Colours, Sketches mentioned on the order form thoroughly. In case of any discrepancy at the time of delivery the details on the order form will be considered correct.
  12. Collections are available from 11:30 am 6:30 pm only. Fittings/Collections on weekends are by appointment only.
  13. If the order does not arrive on time due to Unavoidable conditions, there will be refund of deposit only and no other compensation.
  14. Any other litigation in the order and discrepancy, only deposit will be refunded.
  15. After 6 months from the delivery date the company will not be liable for the delivery of the outfit.
  16. Shop/floor purchase will not be refunded or exchanged if altered